Three french and european assesments invalidate the results and conclusions of the GE Seralini study on GM Maize

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Paris, 31st May 2018

In September 2012, Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini published in Food and Chemical Toxicology an article claiming that a genetically modified corn NK 603 induces tumors. Faced with the challenge of this study by the scientific community, GE Seralini defends himself by saying that the 90-day studies required by the European Union are far too short to reveal effects that manifest themselves in the longer term, such as carcinogenesis.

To settle the debate, the French and European authorities then decided to launch three research programs toconfirm or invalidate the results of GE Séralini’s analyzes : GRACE and G-TwYST programs in Europe and GMO90 + in France for a total cost of 15 million euros. According to the French Association forPlant Biotechnologies(AFBV) the results of these experiments now published are clear (the results of the G-Twist study were communicated on April 28th, 2018):

  • The results of these research programs confirm the absence of health effects of maize carrying MON 810 and NK 603 in the 90-day studies. This lack of effect had already been observed in previous studies and taken into account in EFSA’s assesments.
  • Long-term studies (one year and two years), do not show any toxic effect of the analyzed maize and bring nothing more than 90-day studies as predicted by toxicologists.

AFBV notes that these new studies refute the main conclusions drawn from GE Seralini’s studies on the toxicity of the analyzed GMO maize : no potential risk has been identified. In addition, they refute his proposals on the need to carry out long-term studies.

For AFBV it is therefore important that European consumers are now informed of the results of these studies which should reassure them on the quality for their health of genetically modified plants authorized for marketing and on the European evaluation procedure, already the most rigorous in theworld.

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