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The EU puts its agriculture and food self-sufficency at risk if it does not quickly adopt the new precision biotechnologies

Protecting crops against pests is one of the major challenges that all types of agriculture face to limit losses in the field. In fact, with climate change and the globalization of trade, European agriculture will be confronted with the arrival of new diseases and new predators. For the French Association of Plant Biotechnology (AFBV), it is the competitiveness of our farms that is directly threatened if crop yields decline for lack of appropriate and authorized protection measures.

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AFBV and WGG propose targeted changes to the GMO Directive to enable and accelerate smart breeding in European agriculture

Following the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision of 25 July 2018 relating to genome-edited plants, many scientists, Member States, industrial organizations, trading partners and other stakeholders have called for the EU to adapt its GMO legislation (Directive 2001/18/EC and associated regulations) to reflect scientific knowledge and technical progress achieved since its implementation in 2001.

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Three proposals to ensure that the EU does not miss out on the opportunities offered by plant genome editing

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Oversixty organizations and scientific leaders address an open letter to Jean-Claude Juncker.
Association Française des Biotechnologies Végétales Wissenschaftlerkreis Grüne Gentechnik e.V.23-25 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau Postfach 12 01 27,75001 Paris, France 60114 Frankfurt/main, Allemagnemél: afbv.secretariat@gmail.comzentrale@wgg-ev.dePress ReleaseFrankfurt am Main and Paris, 20 July2018Oversixty organizations and scientific leadersaddress an open letterto Jean-Claude Juncker:Three proposals to ensure that the EU does not miss out on the opportunities offered by plant genome editingOversixty organizations (public and private research centers, universities, academies, technical institutes, professional agricultural organizations) and scientific leaders from different European Union countriesand Switzerland(1)have come together as a group called « European Initiative for plant genome editing ».

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