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Europe must urgently embrace new biotechnologies

For the AFBV, there are very promising margins for progress to secure and develop plant production. These margins are to be found in innovations in the field of genetics. Genetic engineering technologies are used to limit the loss of production potential during cultivation, thus allowing the yield, in quantity and quality of the crop, to come as close as possible, in a given environment, to its optimum genetic potential.

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The French Minister of Agriculture’s vision for new plant breeding technologies is a positive step forward for plant breeders

The French Association of Plant Biotechnologies (AFBV), which brings together around a hundred researchers and experts in the field of green biotechnology, welcomes the position taken by the French Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie, in favor of new plant breeding technologies, also known as NPBT or NBT. These new technologies make it possible in particular to speed up plant breeding and make it more efficient, necessary conditions for competitiveness of our seed sector.

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The EU puts its agriculture and food self-sufficency at risk if it does not quickly adopt the new precision biotechnologies

Protecting crops against pests is one of the major challenges that all types of agriculture face to limit losses in the field. In fact, with climate change and the globalization of trade, European agriculture will be confronted with the arrival of new diseases and new predators. For the French Association of Plant Biotechnology (AFBV), it is the competitiveness of our farms that is directly threatened if crop yields decline for lack of appropriate and authorized protection measures.

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